More Patients are Presenting with Chronic Health Issues

Demand for pediatric specialists exceeds the supply, creating long waits to get an appointment. Delayed care is avoidable.

Start Treatment on Day One

Primary Care Physician examines boy with his father by his side

We enable Primary Care Providers to diagnose, treat, and manage chronic conditions that are generally referred to specialists. We ensure patients receive evidence-based quality care they need beginning at their first office visit.

Improve Access to Specialists

Teen consults with her primary care physician

Forty condition-specific decision trees equip PCPs to expand their practice using evidence-based treatments for commonly referred conditions. EmpoweCare preserves specialist referrals for those who need them most.

Empowered Care Costs Less

Specialist visits cost 2-3x more than primary care. EmpoweCare first-line management enables PCPs to treat patients without delays, improves outcomes, and reduces costly referrals on average by 20%.

Proven Results

Transformation Through Empowerment

Our founder, Dr. Karen Rubin, began executing her vision to improve primary care and access to specialists at Connecticut Children’s. As Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, her vision, known as CLASP, gained widespread adoption by Connecticut’s community-based PCPs. By enabling them to better manage lower severity conditions, we improved patient access to specialists by an average of 20% and lowered overall cost of care more than 10%.



Patient access


cost of care



Patient access


cost of care

Empowered Condition Management

The Right Care at the Right Time

If a patient has a rapid heart beat, open EmpoweCare and start your evaluation.

  • If lower severity, start first-line management using our patient hand-outs and other support tools.
  • If higher severity, follow clear steps for the right referral

EmpoweCare: Everything you need all in one place.

Empowered Providers

First-Line Management In Primary Care

EmpoweCare’s digital platform includes condition management modules for a growing number of commonly referred pediatric conditions. Our Smart Assistant finds critical information buried in clinical documentation and delivers it to providers at the point of care. Empowered PCPs provide better care at lower costs, reduce demand on specialists, and provide high-quality health information for patients and families.

Condition Overview

Streamlined information on each condition, including differential diagnostic indicators and red flags for escalation.

Evaluation Rubric

Initial evaluation components, including history of present illness, social and family history, screening, and diagnostic studies.

Clinical Management

First-line treatment in primary care, including decision trees, medication sheets, and additional support tools as needed.

Post-Visit Summary Report

Includes patient and family-centered educational materials and a summary of the diagnosis, treatment, and test results.

Clear Steps for Referral

Clear criteria for referrals, a package to send with each referral, and an explanation of what to expect at initial specialist visit.

Additional Resources

Network, community, and online resources, and patient & family handouts for treatment and lifestyle interventions.

the future in focus

Planning for Disruption: Transforming U.S. Healthcare:

EmpoweCare was created with a deep understanding of where primary care has been and a clear vision of the forces shaping the future.

  • A shift to Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) as PCPs generates more referrals to specialists.
  • Critical health information in EHR systems is not delivered to providers at the point of care.
  • A move from fee-for-service to value-based care requires evidence based practice and judicious use of resources.
  • “Dr. Google” is disrupting the traditional patient-provider relationship.